VR Consonance

Recording telepresence like a seismograph over a longer period of time, based on a dialogue – that was the core idea of our work »VR Konsonanz«. Established communication trainings, such as recording a conversation on video in order to evaluate them later, can be an enriching experience, but are mostly not authentic: The recorded are in an unpleasant situation in front of a camera lens, usually one of the dialogue partners must act. By means of virtual reality, we therefore want to enable a real-time experience that feels pleasant and focuses on subtle parameters: What is the absolute proportion of the conversation, what is the rhythm of the speech like harmony?

While we realized the speech interpretation in processing, the Unreal Enginge served us as a platform for visualization in VR. Using two Oculus glasses, interlocutors can plunge into a dialogue-representing space in which each one is represented by an organic-looking sphere. Since most of the measured and interpreted values only slowly affect the objects, at the end of a conversation you get a very individual picture of the conversation. Abstraction simplifies critical self-reflection.

The following video is unfortunately only available in German.