Social Data.Vis

Is social interaction measurable?

We spend more and more time in front of digital devices and communicate with feeling less and less verbal with our fellow human beings. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Co. have long been our constant companions in everyday life and always mislead to devote more to the colorful display than the people around us. This development is supported by the never-ending restlessness and the constant fear of missing something.

But are we actually communicating so much via digital channels? And if so, is the verbal human-human interaction affected? We started a self-experiment and tracked all of our communication for the day, time, duration, medium, and content for a week. Our goal was to find out what information we communicate how much about which channels.

The evaluation was implemented in JavaScript and the D3 Library and served as an exercise for web development with JS. Using data nesting, each record can now be inserted and displayed directly as a CSV table.

The evaluation of the study can be found at the link below.