Cancer Register

The cancer registry of Rheinland-Pfalz (german state) needed a tool for the evaluation of internal processes and reporting to the financial backers.

Memoage [B.A.]

The acceleration of our lives begun in recent decades is steadily increasing through automation, modern media and the internet, not least due to the digital transformation.

Bachelor Business Blended

The blended-learning team at Berlin School of Economics and Law initiated the new Bachelor Business Blended Programm.

TabuUX Prototype

Our stated goal was to really understand the terms of the UX world.

VR Consonance

Recording telepresence like a seismograph over a longer period of time, based on a dialogue - that was the core idea of our work »VR Konsonanz«.


This moblie app allows users to put their own things to give as gifts or to post items discovered on the street in order to operate neighborhood care and to counteract the disposable society.

Social Data.Vis

We spend more and more time in front of digital devices and communicate with feeling less and less verbal with our fellow human beings.

gesture control in daily life

A video prototype after a one week project about finding new ways to interact with things over gestures.